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Who is Tulku Lobsang?

Tulku Lobsang is a highly respected Buddhist master and Doctor of Tibetan Medicine who has traveled the world since 2002 to spread his unique knowledge. The basis of his teachings is the ancient Tantric wisdom that is the foundation of Tibetan Buddhism. The root of this doctrine is self-transformation. Therefore, his teachings offer profound and empowering insights into how we can develop ourselves to be as high functioning and effective as possible.

Additionally, Tulku Lobsang is deeply trained in the area of Buddhist Psychology. Buddhist Psychology provides a wealth of knowledge regarding exactly how the mind functions. It includes powerful principles for sculpting the mind to adapt to any condition. In this way, we can overcome obstacles and accomplish our goals.

Tulku Lobsang has extensive experience teaching in the business world, most especially in the Netherlands and Switzerland. His charismatic and humorous style catches everyone’s attention, while his incisive manner cuts right to the heart of the issue, leaving attendees motivated and inspired.


Tulku Lobsang is a man that truly bridges worlds. Born and raised in Amdo, Tibet, he received intensive training in the traditional Tibetan Buddhist monastic system. Recognized as a tulku (a reincarnated high level master), his studies were carefully guided by the best teachers in subjects of Buddhist Philosophy, Tibetan Medicine, Astrology, Psychology and the Tantric healing methods. The wisdom of a tulku is considered a great treasure in the Tibetan culture, and they are given the top education and training available.

Eventually, the time came when Tulku Lobsang was called upon to leave Tibet in order to offer his precious knowledge to the world. One of his greatest natural skills is the power of his speech. He is able to distill the most complex philosophies into their very essence, going straight to the heart and mind of the listener. And he does it with humor and style. This is a gift that must be shared.

Since 2002 he has been traveling the world, speaking to audiences of all kinds in more than 15 different countries. In each of these countries, in his capacity as a Tibetan doctor and spiritual advisor, he has seen hundreds of thousands of clients one on one for private consultations. These experiences have given Tulku Lobsang a unique, in-depth look into our modern psychology.

It is this combination of ancient wisdom coupled with a clear view of our modern situation that gives Tulku Lobsang powerful insights into the minds and bodies, happiness and health, obstacles and pure potential of all of us in this 21st century. It is his greatest wish to use this cultural exchange to marry together the best of both worlds so that we can all experience less suffering and reach our full potential.

Tulku Lobsang has met with a wide-range of powerful figures—from the Dalai Lama to famous actors to CEOs. He has spoken to top-level managers in Switzerland’s largest companies and taught at top European Buddhist Institutes. There is no person that cannot benefit from such ageless wisdom, skillfully shared.

If you know that having a clear and focused mind, vigorous health, centered emotions, empowering relationships, and tools to tap into your own inner wisdom would help you and your company reach your goals, then please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss how Tulku Lobsang can offer a powerful, game-changing training to your team. The results will speak for themselves.

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