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Terms of Use / Data Protection Policy for "Art of Himalaya" Website

(Please note: This text is an automatic translation. The version in Spanish should be considered the authentic version of these terms and conditions and the remaining contents of "THE WEBSITE". In case of any discrepancy between these language versions, the Spanish version shall prevail.)


"ARTOFHIMALAYA.COM" is a service offered by:

ART OF HIMALAYA, SL (Hereinafter also referred to as "The Organizer" or "AoH"), established Josep Anselm Clave, 25, Main Grape. 3rd, 08002 Barcelona (Spain); and provided with NIF B-65986994.

"The Organizer" takes place providing this service in accordance with the following conditions, applicable exclusively to the service offered on the web and through "ARTOFHIMALAYA.COM" (hereinafter "THE WEBSITE"). Any other marketing channel or broadcast may involve changes to these conditions.

They can get in touch with "The Organizer":

  • Postal: Josep Anselm Clave, 25, Main Grape. 3rd, 08002 Barcelona (Spain)
  • Phone number: +34 932 505 615
  • Fax: +34 932 505 615
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Regardless of the nature of "Organizer", the Austrian non-profit association Nangten Melang INTERNATIONAL (hereinafter "NMI" or "PARTNER") to address Große Pfarrgasse 3/3, 1020 Vienna (Austria) and registration number ZVR-153997772, it is important partner of "THE WEBSITE", and manages the web, (hereinafter referred to, together with as "THE LINKS"), of great importance and thematic affinity.

1.- Users

"AoH" aims to provide free information on products, services and events related to the teaching about culture, philosophy, ethics, religion and Tibetan welfare.

It also offers the option of purchasing products and services for both professionals and end consumers.
Access to "THE WEBSITE", still open to everyone, is intended only for legal persons and over 18 individuals, with full capacity to contract, they have read and accept the Terms of Use (this document may be printed and stored by visitors and users, becoming an integral part of the pre-contractual information) and, where appropriate, to register as users and fulfill the obligations inherent in the use made of "THE WEBSITE".

Any record made in which it identifies the user does not meet the conditions of participation (well, among other causes, minority, either by not accepting their conditions), shall not be considered valid, so that the user, even having provided their data, shall not be considered registered user and your data will be stored in any way.

2.- Description of Service

By "THE WEBSITE", "The Organizer" provides a free information system products, services and events related to the teaching about culture, philosophy, ethics, religion and Tibetan welfare, offering the ability to purchase via Internet.

Both technical descriptions, such as graphics and, to some extent, even commercial presented on the products and services described in "THE WEBSITE" can be derived from the information provided by their manufacturers/providers of such products or services. Derived from others and be impossible prior individual validation of each reference, "The Organizer" necessarily exclude liability thereon. In this sense, and as provided in section five, "The Organizer" has established a single communication channel is open and free to know (and be able to amend or delete) any inaccuracy seen by visitors and users about the information presented.

The name "ART OF HIMALAYA" is a trade name and fantasy and "ARTOFHIMALAYA.COM" is also a commercial and technical nature fancy name. In no case are designations of origin and in both cases the same rights are held by "The Organizer".

3. Operation Service

"THE WEBSITE" allows free access and free (beyond the costs involved, if any, access to Internet), without providing any personal information or consideration.

Optionally, users can proceed, on acceptance of these Terms of Use, to provide personal data to be contacted by "The Organizer" and "Partner" for more information on "THE WEBSITE" facilitated and optionally start the process of contracting the products and/or services exposed, with variants and procedures to be determined, where appropriate.

"AoH" enabled and available to their users, whether entrepreneurs/professionals and end users, other communication channels (mail, telephone, face) to develop and address any stage of the recruitment process, although the conditions may vary in response to the channel used.

In no event communications with customers/users will use communication systems premium rate.

4. Personal Data. Privacy Policy

4.1 Nature and Purpose of the Data and File Ownership

All information provided during the registration process and/or purchase shall be true, complete and accurate, forcing the user to contact "AoH" and "ORGANIZER" (by any of the means listed in the following section) if changes occur in the information provided.

The personal data that are voluntarily provided by users or visitors of "THE WEBSITE" will be included in two automated files, one owned by "ORGANIZER" and another title of "PARTNER". In both cases, the object is to facilitate access to the content offered through the website; providing, managing, administering, extending and improving services and/or content offered on "THE LINKS" bring these services to the preferences and tastes of users; the study of the use of services by users and visitors; the design of new services related to such services and content; incident management and maintenance of "THE LINKS"; those necessary for the development, implementation and control of the contractual relationship between the user or visitors of "THE LINKS" stay in your case with "AoH"; provide information about their products and/or services and for advertising and commercial prospecting for the products and services "AoH" and "PARTNER".
The conditions of "PARTNER" in relation to the use of your file can be found here.

4.2 Exercise of Rights

Users can exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by request, together with the documentation of their identity, by contacting:

Regarding the file "ORGANIZER":

  • ART OF HIMALAYA, SL, Josep Anselm Clave, 25, Main Grape. 3rd, 08002 Barcelona (Spain) and email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Regarding the file "PARTNER":

  • NANGTEN MELANG INTERNATIONAL, Große Pfarrgasse 3/3, 1020 Vienna (Austria) and email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Additionally and / or alternatively, may exercise their rights before contacting PARTNER OF HIMALAYAN ART, SL, Josep Anselm Clave, 25, Main Grape. 3rd, 08002 Barcelona (Spain) and email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Consequently, it is possible with a single communication "ORGANIZER" make exercising their rights against both entities.

Owners of protected data files in accordance with data protection rules that apply to them. The files are located on servers that have the highest security measures required by the regulations that will apply is data protection.

Holders of files in accordance with applicable regulations, keep the personal data it collects and take the necessary measures to prevent alteration, loss, or unauthorized access measures.

4.3 Third Party Access

All data provided may, where appropriate and according to the rules applicable, be transferred or accessed by third companies or subcontracted by "The Organizer" or "PARTNER" for the sole purpose of performing specific tasks (service customer care, call center, billing arrangements, recovery, transportation, registration events, etc.).

4.4.- Cookies

Cookies are small files that are downloaded to your terminal when accessing certain web pages, allowing the latter to store and retrieve information efficiently configuration, browsing habits and other technical considerations by which "ARTOFHIMALAYA.COM" can personalize your experience on the web and suit your preferences and characteristics.

The cookies used by "ARTOFHIMALAYA.COM" have advertising nature. His nature is technical, analytical and customization order. Through them we can quantify the number of users and thus the measurement and statistical analysis of the use made by users of the service provided, while enabling tailor the service to the user's characteristics and its terminal.

a session cookie expires on the same day generation and other analytical cookie that comes from following service provider usability metrics and analytics is used:

Other options such as cookie blocking tools, we inform you that any user can allow, block or delete cookies installed on their terminal equipment by appropriate settings of your browser options installed on your computer.


5.- Statements

All prices displayed on "THE WEBSITE" are expressed in Euros and include, where appropriate and unless otherwise stated to the contrary, all applicable taxes. VAT inclusive price is any indication, builds on the currently required due to the nature of the product and the customer is located on the Spanish mainland. If the sale imply that the recipient is outside the Spanish mainland, such VAT (as well as other possible taxes) could be different, something that, in any event, be brought before placing the order, just as which is made in connection with the shipping and costs, if any, may be generated in response to the media used payment.

Regarding shipping and payment methods, you can find more information here.

"The Organizer" reports of possible fluctuations in prices of products and services offered, resulting, among other things, changes in prices in origin, variations in exchange rates, taxes and fees, offers manufacturers and suppliers, level stock available, appearances of new models, promotions international fairs, etc.

"The Organizer" informs that, by their very nature, any order is subject to the effective availability of stock. In this sense, "The Organizer" confirms that if any of the products you have requested is not available, will contact the customer to inform and may choose to receive this order with the products available or cancellation of the entire order, with consequent immediate repayment of the amounts, if any, have been paid.

"The Organizer" reports that any information in "THE WEBSITE" linked to traditional Tibetan methods for personal wellbeing NOT CONSTITUTE advice or medical information and that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should substitute or replace professional medical criteria or ongoing treatments.

"The Organizer" reports the events included in "THE WEBSITE" may be subject to modification date, place or cancellations in consideration of many variables (minimum number of attendees, unforeseen at the location and/or people who teach the courses/seminars/conferences/workshops). While "The Organizer" makes a reasonable effort to keep this updated schedule and forecast events, the accuracy of the information it may not be interested enforceable because, in many cases, many such events are organized or performed by third outside "The Organizer".

Any inaccuracy or doubt that may be identified by users in the graphic, art, word or even in terms of price disclosure, may be communicated to "The Organizer" for inspection, and, as appropriate, modification or deletion.

6.- Right of Withdrawal

For those final consumers, a period of 14 days is established from the time of receipt to exercise the right of withdrawal. In any event, those cases in which, by the nature of the goods/services to be acquired, it is impossible to carry it out are excluded from the right of withdrawal, including, among others, the products prepared in accordance with the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized or those that have been unsealed by the customer or there reasons of hygiene or health.

The exercise of that right is not subject to any formality and after exercise, "The Organizer" provide a receipt. The user must assume the costs of returning the product to be implemented together with the original packaging and, if applicable, comprising all its accessories, immediately after his announcement/communication "The Organizer". It shall be sent by adopting appropriate protective measures to prevent damage during transport.

If the product has been used or handled beyond what is necessary to establish its characteristics, nature or functioning, "The Organizer" can estimate a reduction in value and therefore proceed to refund the amount paid on a lower amount to the original .

"The Organizer" there shall, in exercising this right, to repay any amount derived from modes other than the standard delivery.

7.- Guarantees

For those end users of a lack of conformity caused by not necessarily represent the product with the features offered or defects exist that prevent normal use according to its nature with the consumer is entitled to sanitation of the acquired property within two years From buying and conditions and the evidence regulated in the Consolidated Text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users, without prejudice to the powers of "The Organizer" to verify the truthfulness of the defects, its origin and the time of onset.

This legal guarantee may be, if any, extended by commercial guarantees they can offer manufacturers or distributors of the products.

In this regard, without prejudice to the rights of attending to final consumers, "The Organizer" recommended in the event of such option, the exercise of warrants directly against the manufacturers of the products and/or through their Official Technical Services, in order to minimize the inconvenience and take advantage of extended warranty policies that they offer.

8.- Loyalty Program

"The Organizer" as gratia business courtesy, you can set a loyalty program based on economic compensation under ratios and variable names ("discount vouchers", etc.) to customers who have used the service.

Such business courtesies are subject to conditions that are proper and whose detail and explanation provided is reflected.

9. Commercial Communications

Users of "THE WEBSITE" are informed and give their consent for receiving advertising by "The Organizer" and "PARTNER" and, where appropriate, sponsors and/or companies with which it had reached a trade agreement, provided regarding products and services of interest.

This communication can be made through all channels provided by the participant: e-mail, SMS, telephone, mail or through the use of IT applications and social networks. The acquisition of the status of registered user implies acceptance of these conditions of participation and such authorization.

Also, unless communication against it may receive by any means from those described information and publicity of other companies or entities listed on the following areas that may be of interest:

Telecommunications. Pasatiempo. Games. Health. Fashion. Drugstore. Toys. Music. Furniture. Financial. Leisure. Training. Automotive. NGOs. Consulting. Trips. Insurance. Textile. Beauty. Editorial. Esotericism. Energy. Collecting. Water. Video. Cleaning. Power. Cosmetics. Meetings and Contacts.

Users may revoke the consent at any time, your consent to receiving marketing communications through email notification to the sender of such communications as well as "The Organizer" and/or "Partner". A full repeal connected to "The Organizer" also automatically result in cancellation of user data files owned by "The Organizer", locking them and keeping only, if any, for the purposes of ensuring compliance with legal obligations or contractual.

10. Modification and Termination

"The Organizer" reserves the right to modify the content of your website and terms of use for serious reasons, safeguarding the rights of users. Similarly, without prejudice to respect for the rights acquired by users. "The Organizer" reserves the right to terminate the provision of this service at any time.

The implementation of such variations just prior notice to participants and members will take. By modifying the TOS exposed on the website of "THE WEBSITE", it means fulfilled that duty of notification against third parties.

11. Intellectual Property

Both "THE WEBSITE" as the set of content derived thereof are protected by copyright laws. They may be subject to exploitation, reproduction, distribution, modification, public communication, transfer or transformation. Access to this website does not grant users the right, nor on any intellectual property rights of content provided by this website ownership.

"The Organizer" Thank remission unsolicited testimonials and other opinions, concerns and comments regarding products or services by "The Organizer" offered. Such information can be incorporated into the web, ensuring at all times the recognition of authorship and privacy of the authors. Therefore, and in order to comply with the law and the technical characteristics of the support, information posted may be subject to change. The authors of such contributions, referral disclaim all economic law or otherwise about the same, although they may at any time request its removal.

The content of this website may be downloaded to the user (download), provided it is for private use and not for commercial purposes; therefore may not exploit, reproduce, distribute, modify, publicly, transfer, or use the content of this website for public or commercial purposes.

The organizer does not transfer users the property of their software. You own the medium on which the software is recorded. The organizer retains all rights to intellectual property including software. If the user transfers software from this website to your terminal, you can not dissect it for study, decompile, translate the version of the original object code or its language to another code or language.

The trade name, trademark, logo, products and services contained on this website, either their own or of third parties and these Terms of Use are protected by law.

The contents of "THE WEBSITE" are intended solely to registered users for their personal use. Any other (commercial or not) use made of the information contained in the website is prohibited.

The organizer reserves the right to take legal actions against users who violate or infringe the rights to databases and/or intellectual property themselves or others.

12. Limitation of Liability

"The Organizer" is not liable for any problems arising from malfunction of third parties involved in the technical process of "THE WEBSITE" service. So, it will not respond to failures have occurred in telecommunications networks, services provided by ISPs in the collapses and cuts in telephone lines, failed validation program, difficulties in receiving communications filters anti -spam third, etc.

"The Organizer" is not liable in any way and for any reason for the loss of data transmitted incorrectly, or by those transmitted later or those whose reference has been prevented or hindered by technical filtering systems by software vendors or managers email.

"The Organizer" not liable to the consequences of fraudulent actions prior (attacks on the "THE WEBSITE" or abusive exploitation of technical vulnerabilities of the systems) to modify, alter or otherwise throw unintended consequences on the conditions governing "THE WEBSITE". If a behavior is identified in this regard (which the user can communicate as stated in the last paragraph of section five of these conditions), "The Organizer" and there should be his most urgent remedy, give appropriate consideration to the appropriate law enforcement authorities, reserving the exercise of judicial actions it deems appropriate against those suspected of such actions.

13. Jurisdiction and render null and void Clauses

These Terms are subject to Spanish law. Any dispute relating to these Terms, the parties acknowledge and accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Barcelona, except in case of dispute with non-traders, for which the relevant legal rules apply.

The version in Castilian/Spanish should be considered the authentic version of these terms and conditions and the remaining contents of "THE WEBSITE". In case of discrepancy between different versions, version shall prevail Castilian/Spanish, notwithstanding what is stated in the following paragraph.

If any provision of these Terms of Use is declared fully or partially invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability will affect only that provision or part thereof that is invalid or ineffectual and Conditions of Use at everything else, taking such provision or part thereof that is affected by not placing.

Nothing in this clause shall be construed to the contrary or restrictive than that stipulated by the mandatory rules that is applicable in view of the provisions applicable to "The Organizer" in defense of consumers or users sense for those cases in which the same proves application.