Nangten Menlang - Buddhist Medical Center


Functional Minds, Functional Business

When you attend one of our trainings, you will receive the tools to transform your business into one run by motivated, clear-minded team members that will take all your projects to the next level.

Smart business is not just about numbers. Smart business is about mind-set. When everyone on your team respects their leader, is motivated to reach a clear goal, and is mindful of potential obstacles, the whole business is positioned for success. These qualities—respect, motivation and mindfulness—are not only beneficial; they are absolutely necessary for a high-functioning business.

Rather than working on individual problems that arise in your company, why not step back and address the true root of all of those problems? As we are now, we are not in control of our minds; our minds control us. And if we can’t control our own minds, how can we expect to run a great business? How can we expect to positively influence those that work with us? By addressing the minds of the company leaders, every aspect of the company will evolve into a higher level of effectiveness.

The Eastern traditions have a deep understanding of how to master the mind, and Tulku Lobsang is uniquely positioned to offer this wisdom to the business world. Tulku Lobsang understands the nature of the human mind and human relationships. He has the benefit of a long, rich tradition of knowledge that remains highly relevant in the modern world.

He translates this deep wisdom into principles, tools and practices that give added value to your company. With much experience acting as a mentor to important people in the business world, he knows exactly how to translate this knowledge into practical steps that can improve your company's success.