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Cancellation Conditions

(For your convenience, below is a copy of the Cancellation Policy that, together with the full Terms and Conditions, apply to any cancellation.)

(Please note: This text is an automatic translation. The version in Spanish should be considered the authentic version of these terms and conditions and the remaining contents of "THE WEBSITE". In case of any discrepancy between these language versions, the Spanish version shall prevail.)

Right of Withdrawal

For those final consumers, a period of 14 days is established from the time of receipt to exercise the right of withdrawal. In any event, those cases in which, by the nature of the goods/services to be acquired, it is impossible to carry it out are excluded from the right of withdrawal, including, among others, the products prepared in accordance with the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized or those that have been unsealed by the customer or there reasons of hygiene or health.

The exercise of that right is not subject to any formality and after exercise, "The Organizer" provide a receipt. The user must assume the costs of returning the product to be implemented together with the original packaging and, if applicable, comprising all its accessories, immediately after his announcement/communication "The Organizer". It shall be sent by adopting appropriate protective measures to prevent damage during transport.

If the product has been used or handled beyond what is necessary to establish its characteristics, nature or functioning, "The Organizer" can estimate a reduction in value and therefore proceed to refund the amount paid on a lower amount to the original .

"The Organizer" there shall, in exercising this right, to repay any amount derived from modes other than the standard delivery.


For those end users of a lack of conformity caused by not necessarily represent the product with the features offered or defects exist that prevent normal use according to its nature with the consumer is entitled to sanitation of the acquired property within two years From buying and conditions and the evidence regulated in the Consolidated Text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users, without prejudice to the powers of "The Organizer" to verify the truthfulness of the defects, its origin and the time of onset.

This legal guarantee may be, if any, extended by commercial guarantees they can offer manufacturers or distributors of the products.

In this regard, without prejudice to the rights of attending to final consumers, "The Organizer" recommended in the event of such option, the exercise of warrants directly against the manufacturers of the products and/or through their Official Technical Services, in order to minimize the inconvenience and take advantage of extended warranty policies that they offer.